Sound familiar?

As a small business owner, you don’t need me to tell you how important testimonials are. Praise from existing clients goes a long way to attracting new ones. Their words are third-party proof that you will deliver.

I work for myself as well. If you’re like me, testimonials often drop off the to-do list. You are short of time, and you don’t like to ask, because you know your clients are busy too.

Which is why this course does things differently.

Drawing on my broadcasting background, it gives you the tools and confidence to record a quick chat with your customers. 

It’s easy for them, because they don’t have to write anything. It also gives you more powerful marketing material, because when you use their spoken words, they will jump off the page because they are conversational.

This course is for micro businesses and SMEs; small charities and social enterprises; solopreneurs including coaches, advisers and consultants.

Whether you work on your own or are part of a small team, I’ve designed it so you can just grab the material and go. 

I'll help you to:


  • spot the right moment to ask for a testimonial, so you never miss the chance to get one again

  • be confident about asking, because I give you the phrases you need to make your request

  • get quotes that replace generic compliments – ‘you’re great’ – with specific examples, that show how your greatness helps

  • save time recording and writing up, with tips on making the most of the free versions of Zoom and Otter. (I’m not affiliated to them.)

Keep things simple

In this course I focus on written, not video testimonials, because I want to make this quick and easy for you and your customers.  So even if you use a video call to capture their spoken words, they don’t have to worry about how they come across on camera.

(In my next course, coming later in 2022, I’ll show you how to create great client stories and case studies, using Zoom video. In the meantime, I’m keeping life simple, because none of us has much brain space in a global pandemic.)    

My course also gives you:

  • Downloadable sheets with the wording and questions you need to get testimonials that do your work real justice. Just copy and paste, so you get going today.

  • 2 behind-the-scenes examples of me interviewing my clients, for real. These show you the marketing material you can get in the space of 8 and 2 minutes.

  • Someone to cheer you on. When you write up your first testimonial as a result of this course, let me know and I will share it with my network on LinkedIn.

Make the most of my experience

This course condenses 35 years of interviewing experience, including 24 years at the BBC. When I draw on that knowledge for one-to-one testimonial work with my own clients, it starts at £900 + VAT. Because we are all trying to muddle our way through the pandemic, I’ve priced this knowledge at a level which – I hope – will make it easy for you to get the testimonials you deserve in 2022.