Find, and share, the stories that will turn them into clients, referrers and advocates.

This small group program is for you if:

  • work on your own, as a consultant, coach, adviser or practitioner 
  • run a small business or charity 
  • are developing your personal brand 

...and you want to:

Save time and money, by being clear on which bits of your story – that mix of experience, knowledge and values – will land most powerfully with your target audiences. 

Boost your marketing, by being confident about sharing your stories in formats – written, video, audio – that will speak most powerfully to the people you want to reach.

Build trust with prospects, by being consistent: when all your communications  are drawn from your spoken words, every bit of content will be consistent. Nothing jars, and you build trust more quickly.  

Make your mark faster, by being concise: once you are clear on which story angles make the most impact, you can whittle them down, and share them quickly when you network or pitch.

Get going: with the support of the group and my facilitation (which spans 35 years, including training at the BBC) you will generate ideas and short pieces of content from the start. No more sitting on wonderful stories that should be out there, bringing in rewarding and lucrative work. 

How it works for you:

4 x hour-long, fortnightly group Zoom sessions, with me and 3 other business owners.  All these sessions are recorded in video and audio, so you have a permanent resource you can refer back to, for communications training and content ideas. 

In the week that follows each session I will share extracts from the recording, as video, audio or written quotes. These snippets will help you to understand the principles behind story-based communications, such as using dramatic techniques to grab and keep your audience’s attention, as well as sensory language to make you more memorable. These extracts will also give you the building blocks for your own content.

To build momentum you’ll get an exercise to work on between group sessions, and you can compare ideas and notes in a closed Slack group. 

With the support of everyone else, you will start stockpiling or posting different strands of your story, from week one.

What you walk away with

  • Clarity

    on which bits of your story – that mix of experience, knowledge and values – will make the biggest impact on your target audience.

  • Confidence

    to share different strands of that story in formats – video, audio, written – that will land with your audience and get them to warm to you.

  • Content

    including the Zoom recordings and a range of written, audio and video extracts. Your own multimedia ‘manual’ to keep and refer back to.

These stories prove to your audience that you:

  • have the skills and qualifications to make a difference to them; the ‘head’ bit 
  • want to make a difference because you genuinely care about the work; the ‘heart’ bit.

When your future clients, referrers and advocates see this for themselves, they will buy into you more quickly.

Which means you'll grow your reputation and organisation faster.

Save your place for September 2021.

(The places for the last program were gone in a few days.)